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Smart Golf Scorecard

Smart Golf Scorecard - for Windows Mobile 6 / PocketPC - Release History

Previous Mobile 6 / PocketPC SGS App Releases

Main Smart Golf Scorecard Screen

ActiveRound Screenshot in Smart Golf Scorecard

1 WM6/PocketPC Release History

SGS 1.1.2

June 12, 2010

Small fixes..

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New Features:
  1. Changed the domain name that the application communicates with. This had to be done in anticipation of moving to a new hosting location.
  2. Removed disabled Courses and Friends menu items. These were just taking up space and confusing users.

SGS 1.1.1

March 13, 2010

Small fixes..

Bug Fixes:
  1. Fixed a bug that caused an error when uploading a scorecard from a non-US region.
New Features:
  1. Rearranged the main screen to make more room for list of scorecards.

SGS 1.1.0 - Beta

July 3, 2009

This is a beta release at this time. Please help test it. Thanks!

Bug Fixes:
  1. Made Add/Remove golfer buttons/icons in scorecard screen bigger. These are now working like true buttons.
  2. Incomplete rounds interfered with uploading completed rounds.
  3. Added a warning alert when updating rounds. When updating round setup the scores & statistics will be lost.
  4. Round type was not updating when editing/updating round setup.
New Features:
  1. Added About box. This will help identify what version SGS is and what Platform SGS is running on.

SGS 1.0.2

April 24, 2009

Bug Fixes:
  1. When missing login and trying to download data no error is displayed.
  2. If a round is entered and then a failed attempt is made to get updated Clubs data, unrecoverable error is thrown.
  3. login does not save when you exit the application
New Features:
  1. When a round is uploaded, it will be automatically marked as Uploaded. Additionally, you can manually mark the round Uploaded or Not Uploaded in the Rounds screen.
  2. First time the application loads it will ask for login.

SGS 1.0.0

April 18, 2009

Initial Release. Major functionality to track scores and stats on the mobile device. Communication with to get Club and Golfer data as well as to post scorecards. See User Guide for details.